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“Encaustic” comes from a Greek word meaning “to burn in”. Encaustic painting was first used by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. 

Moving Forward utilizes bold color and line to express the many journeys we take in our lifetime.Documenting the changing paths we may encounter, times of confusion, being stuck or held in limbo until we are ready to break thru and move forward.

PathwaysIn comes from a place of lines and movement. Mapping directions our brain takes on through our life and how it stays within our mind.

My hope is this body of work stimulates thought and question stemming from your own place and time.

Preparation is key when creating with encaustic.  My process begins with making the encaustic medium.  Melting large quantities of clear beeswax and resin (which is extracted from trees) creates my supply of medium. Adding pigments to smaller quantities of melted wax, my “paints” are kept liquid on a heated palette. I begin a painting by writing a question or message on my working surface that I will be painting on. Fusing layers of wax to my surface,I then incorporate graphite, inks and various methods of inscribing and scrapping to create a translucent, organic quality that gives depth and texture to the painting. Allowing time for the painting to cure, I then buff them. This removes cloudiness or “bloom” from the wax and enhances the color and shine to the finished painting.

A studio filled with the aroma of beeswax and resin, creates a meditative place for thought, process and creation!


Michael currently lives in MilwaukeeWisconsin. He works predominantly painting,using encaustic medium, graphite& ink.


International Encaustic Artists Association

Wiswax: a Wisconsin encaustic artists group.

MARN: Milwaukee Artists Resource network

Wisconsin Visual Artists

Museum of Wisconsin Art

Michael's work has been represented at:

Gallery 218, Milwaukee WI

Art on 23, Spring Green WI

Niza Knoll Gallery, Denver CO

Atlantic Gallery, Manhattan New York


2018 Juried show Atlantic Gallery   NYC New York

2018 Juried show “Wax Stories”   Niza Knoll Gallery Denver CO

2017 Members show, Museum of Wisconsin Art   West Bend WI

2017 solo show Leenhouts Gallery  First Unitarian Society Milwaukee

2016 solo show, Waukesha Civic Theater Gallery   Waukesha WI

2016 Fall Art Tour   SpringGreen WI

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